Turning fighters into superhumans: 64 kg ‘Jihad Pills’ seized at Delhi airport

New Delhi: The security agencies at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport went into a tizzy after they seized 64 kg of Jihad Pill or ISIS drugs from a Turkish national on Monday. These pills – officially known as Tramadol tablets – are used to suppress pain.

The banned drug in India costs $5 per pill in the Middle East. The synthetic opiate is known to be abused on a wide scale by Islamic State terrorists to suppress pain and boost strength during injury and hence, is also known as a fighter drug among international anti-narcotics authorities.

According to reports, ISIS is making a fortune by providing it to fighters. Sources said these tablets are used for two purposes — to help finance terrorism and for use by terrorists as a stimulant or to increase resistance to physical stress

According to reports, Boko Haram, the Nigerian terror group, feeds child soldiers dates stuffed with Tramadol before sending them on missions. ISIS is already known for feeding its fighters Captagon, an amphetamine that blocks hunger, fear, and fatigue.

The CISF on Monday noticed suspicious activities of a foreign passenger, who was later identified later as Erbil Han, a Turkish national. He was supposed to take a flight to Istanbul by Turkish Airlines flight No.TK-717 (STD- 0615 hrs). This is not the first time that Han has been caught by the Indian security agency. On April 30, Han was apprehended and handed over to Delhi Police for entering into the terminal building by using a fake ticket.

“On suspicion, Han was thoroughly searched. His bags were x-rayed, screened through X-BIS machine and some suspicious images were noticed. On physical checking of his bags, 1,30,000 Tramadol tablets weighing about 64 kg were found,” said a senior CISF official.

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) was informed and the recovered tablets were confirmed as a contraband (banned under NDPS act). The passenger was arrested and is being questioned.

Last year, the Italian police have seized a huge consignment of 37 million Tramadol pills, worth $75 million, which was being shipped from India to be sold to ISIS terrorists in Libya. The investigators traced the Tramadol shipment to an Indian pharmaceutical company, which allegedly sold the pills for $250,000 to a Dubai-based importer, which then shipped them from India to Sri Lanka where they disappeared from the freighter’s documents, according to reports.