Troller crosses all limits, Swara Bhaskar complains to police

Swara Bhaskar often gets targeted by social media users for her sharp views on social and political issues prevailing in the country. 

Recently this happened again, but this time, when the troller crossed his limits, Swara complained to the Mumbai Police on which the police also took action immediately.

Swara said the troller himself admitted he was mad. He has brought shame to his religion, she said.

She tweeted: In his own words ‘mad, proud and fortunate nationalist & Hindu’ bringing shame upon his (and my) religion and nation! Also, I think this qualifies as harassment or Eve teasing or something”

Swara Bhaskar often becomes target of cyberbullying.

In this tweet one can see that Swara urged the Mumbai police to take action against the Twitter user, who, in turn, responded immediately saying they’ll be looking into the matter on priority. Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar as often becomes the target of cyberbullying for unabashedly voicing her bold opinions on social media.

On the personal front, Swara Bhasker grabbed the attention recently after she broke up with her longtime boyfriend and producer Himanshu Sharma.