Traders in Bihar mix shampoo, refined oil and glucose to make artificial milk in 10 minutes

Bhagalpur: The formula of mixing water, urea and formalin in milk has become old. Now the milk traders in some areas of Bihar prepare artificial milk, mix it with pure milk and sell it freely. It is sold in various areas of Bihar and Jharkhand.

Even lactometer cannot detect any adulteration. It was confirmed when the purity of this milk was checked using a lactometer at Vikramshila Dugdh Dairy (Sudha) plant. The lactometer showed reading of 4.0 and milk of this scale is considered to be pure.

Village on Jharkhand border infamous for preparing
artificial milk

The Bakia village on Bihar-Jharkhand border is infamous for preparing artificial milk. All the milk traders and vendors here mix artificial milk with pure milk and sell it in faraway areas. As this milk is cheaper than regular pure milk, it is in much demand especially at tea and sweet shops.

A shop owner in Bhagalpur had told the Bhaskar team recently that artificial milk is prepared by mixing shampoo, refined oil, glucose and fabrics colours. The team then reached Bakia village and talked with a trader, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

He said artificial milk is prepared by mixing liquid Easy (which is used for washing clothes), refined oil, water and white fabrics colour. It looks exactly like pure milk. He said 20 litres of artificial milk thus prepared is mixed with 100 litres of pure milk.

(Story by Sanjay Kumar)