Top 9 most expensive domain names in the world

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat’s in a name? The question is not much of a relevance when it comes to choosing a domain name. Companies are paying multi-million dollars to get premium domain names of their choice. 
In simple words, a domain name is your website name, an address through which Internet users can access your website. A domain name is used for finding and identifying computers on the Internet. Computers use IP addresses, which are a series of numbers. However, since it is difficult for us to remember strings of numbers, domain names were developed and used to identify entities on the Internet instead of IP addresses.
A domain name can be any combination of letters and numbers, and it can be used in combination of the various domain name extensions, such as .com, .net and more.
A domain can be purchased online through various domain resellers. Usually, a domain name starts from Rs 500, but there are names which cost millions of dollars. It is difficult to digest that a domain name can cost so much! Here is the listing of the world’s most expensive domains. 
1. was bought for $49.7 million (approx Rs 362 crore)  in 2010 by QuinStreet. It was previously owned by an insurance agency who was stripped out. QuinStreet only cares using the domain name for lead generation.
 2., now owned by Quinstreet was bought for $35.6 million (approx Rs 259 crore)  in 2010. According to Google, keyword “insurance” has maximum 10 million monthly searches.
3., was bought for $35 million (approx Rs 255 crore)  by HomeAway, a vacation rental website in the year 2007. 
4. was sold by Don’t Look Media Group for  $30.18 million (approx  Rs 220 crores) to Nations Luxury Transportation, LLC in 2012.
Keyword “Internet” has an average monthly search of 1-10 million and is quite popular on the web. QuinStreet acquired for $18 million (approx Rs 131 crore) in 2009.
 6. was bought by Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd, a Chinese internet security company known for 360 Total Security, an antivirus software, for $17 million just to redirect this domain to their website “”.
7. — $16 million (2009) sold its corporate name and related domain name to Quin Street for $16 million in 2009, QuinStreet also acquired some of the expensive domains earlier.
 Another domain which got big bucks is, the domain was bought for $9.99 million in 2008.
9. — $11 million (2001)
In 2001 the company, LP  purchased the name for around $11m and at the time this was thought to be “a crazy sum of money”.