Rushing to office and skipping breakfast daily? This meal-shake has got you covered

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith life moving at a tremendous pace, balancing one’ health and work life is often tough. While we spend 10-12 hours working daily, what needs to be given priority is rest and sleep over healthy eating, since you know you have to get back to work again. No matter how much you hate your job, or love your job, at the end of the day you realise that you’ve missed a meal or two.

Woke up late? Well, since you wouldn’t risk being late for work you skip your breakfast — the most important meal of the day.

On a really busy day (which is every day, duh!) while chasing deadlines, and getting things done in time you forget to stop for lunch, and then late in the afternoon realisation dawn upon you as to why you are hungry!

We have all gone through this phase at least: chugging mugs of coffee or tea in the evening to get rid of hunger pangs expecting to go home just in a while, which apparently happens to come after hours!

Someone thought of a solution to keep these busy people across the country sane and fit, with an incredible alternative. You don’t have to cook it, nor do you have to “waste time” chewing it. It also requires no elaborate plating, and neither does it need you to sit for 15 mins.

Happy Ratio – the food-on-the-go — is a perfect blend of 31 vital nutrients for adults which can be consumed by mixing in a glass of water. Yes, you read that right. Furthermore, one glass of Happy Ratio is equivalent to an entire meal, therefore once you drink this you won’t be hungry for about four hours!

Harsh Batra

“A lot of people skip breakfast, and happy ratio has filled that void kickstarting their metabolism in a very healthy way in just a couple of minutes. Plus it is tasty,” says Harsh

Available in two flavours, Happy Ratio is the baby of Harsh Batra, who launched the product five years back. To ensure that his formula worked, he did not “eat” for a month and survived only on the meal shake.

Harsh says, “I believe that there should be a good balance between food and health. In 2013, I realised that it was very difficult for me to get all the vital nutrients through just food. I figured out that everybody in the family was deficient in some vitamin or potassium.

“It all comes down to a struggle between health and convenience. The healthier the food, the more inconvenient it is. I wanted to figure out a way to get health and convenience at the same time, that’s how Happy Ratio was born,” said Harsh whose love for nutrition and Science stimulated this invention.

“A lot of people skip breakfast, and Happy Ratio has filled that void kickstarting their metabolism in a very healthy way in just a couple of minutes. Plus it is tasty,” says Harsh.

“An adult needs to consume the correct proportions of nutrients from his/her diet to stay healthy. I gathered all the 31 nutrients in their essential form from salts, that’s how the experiment started,” said Harsh talking about how he gathered the required nutrients for the meal shake.

1-meal pack comes for Rs 249, while a 10-meal pack comes for Rs 1999.

Produced in India and sold in 105 cities they plan Happy Ratio is a solution to what Harsh calls a lifestyle habit problem, “We’re not anti-food. We are not describing that Happy ratio as a replacement of dal-chawal or roti-sabzi. Since most people skip breakfast or lunch, it is advisable for them to try out Happy Ratio as a replacement for their poor or skipped meals of the day.”

Girish Mudgal, an engineer and entrepreneur who loves the meal shake for its thick texture, expresses how it is not a supplement but a replacement of his current intake from meals and supplements in one shot.

Harsh has plans to expand the meal shake in various flavours, coffee might just be one of them! This is definitely great news for those who can’t do without a morning coffee. Perfect for everyone, this meal shake might just bring about an evolution in the eating habits of today’s busy and fitness freak youth.