This hotel gives you discount if you can prove you’ve been out for a walk

Boston: Normally, hotels encourage guests to put their feet up, but not this one. Boston’s Hotel Commonwealth offers guests discounts if they can prove they’ve been out walking. And the longer the walk, the bigger the discount.

The hotel, on the city’s Kenmore Square, is offering a package called ‘Fit to be Square’, which costs from $399 per night.

As part of the package, all guests are given a Fitbit step tracker for the duration of their stay, which can monitor how far they have walked. When they check out, hotel staff can see exactly how many steps they’ve taken. And the more that a guest has walked the more they save on their room rate.

For example, the recommended 10,000 steps in a day will earn a guest 10 per cent off their bill. Over 15,000 steps will see a 15 per cent reduction and over 20,000 steps will result in a 20 per cent saving.

As well as use of a Fitbit, other perks of the package include bottled water and healthy snacks on arrival as well as breakfast at the nearby Eastern Standard Kitchen. Guest signing up to the package will also receive a $20 gift card to spend at sports clothing brand New Balance. The Hotel Commonwealth is also located right next to Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox. And one of the suites inside the hotel is dedicated to the famous baseball team.

The offer The Hotel Commonwealth is offering a $399 package called Fit to be Square
Guests are given a FitBit for the duration of their stay to monitor their step count
The discount given depends on the number of steps guests have taken