This festive season gift a box of ruby chocolates from this home grown luxury chocolate brand

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here’s good news for people with a sweet-tooth, as Fabelle has recently launched something you can never say no to. This home grown Indian luxury chocolate brand from ITC Ltd, has brought ruby chocolate to India for the very first time, in the form of Fabelle’s Ruby Gianduja

ITC Ltd partnered with world’s leading manufacturer of application chocolates and cocoa products, Barry Callebaut, to source the exotic pink coloured chocolate to craft Fabelle’s Ruby Gianduja. 

Ruby chocolate became an immediate global sensation after it was launched in Shanghai, China, last year. It caught the admiration of chocolate connoisseurs across the world. After dark, milk and white chocolate, ruby chocolate is the fourth variety. Their limited edition offering attempts to redefine the Indian chocolate palette ahead of the Diwali festive season.

Executive Chef ITC Kohenur and Fabelle Yogen Datta shares insight about the newest chocolate variety in an exclusive interview. Excerpts:

Q. Please tell us about Fabelle Ruby Gianduja…

A. Gianduja is an Italian delicacy from the Napoleon era, and Fabelle’s Gianduja is a recreation of this delicacy, crafted from rich milk chocolates infused with roasted Turkish hazelnut paste. Ruby Chocolate has it’s rare yet intrinsic berry fruitiness, we decided to recreate this worldwide sensation into Ruby Gianduja by maintaining a delicate balance between ruby chocolate and the Hazelnut paste.

Q. What do ruby chocolates consist of?

A. Ruby chocolate, the 4th variety of chocolate, contains cocoa solids and cocoa butter complying to FSSAI norms. The cocoa beans are naturally occurring like that for any other chocolate, and the chocolate has a natural pink hue to it and has berry notes to its taste.

Q. How would one describe the taste of this new variety?

A. Ruby chocolates are an intense sensorial delight with its natural ruby colour and unique berry fruity taste which is brought alive as a result of the expert selection and meticulous processing of the ruby beans without adding any artificial flavouring substance or colours. Fabelle Ruby Gianduja carries all the goodness by virtue of being made from ruby chocolate.

A. Are there any health benefits of consuming ruby chocolate?

A. Scientific studies are yet to be done to prove any health benefits. Considering the use of cocoa beans and milk solids in it’s manufacture, the benefits are expected to be similar to milk chocolate.

Q. What’s the estimated business plan in India? Is the general public aware of this new variety of chocolate?

A. We are very happy to introduce India to ruby chocolates with our creation. Our endeavour is to keep Indian consumers abreast with global food trends and continue building their taste palette by offering experiences that are beyond ordinary. Ruby chocolates have a unique berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness which can have diverse manifestations. To begin with, we have recreated ruby chocolates as a Gianduja. Based on consumer response we will decide to further expand/ introduce ruby chocolates across other luxury and premium chocolate formats.

Availability: Ruby Gianduja will be available for patrons across Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad on their digital platforms and e-commerce portal The limited edition tin boxes containing 12 cubes are priced at Rs 1,295.