This 65-year-old Gurgaon man has won 82 sports medals and is still running…

Gurgaon: At a time when sportspersons have started retiring at the age 40, Gurgaon’s Dhaniram Yadav, 65, has the energy and motivation to beat even youngsters in a race.

Dhaniram, a resident of Manesar, has won not one or two but 82 medals. Forty-nine of these medals are from 21-km marathons. He showed his skills in wrestling from the age of 58 to 62.

Last year, he had challenged Baba Ramdev for wrestling and announced to gift two-acre land in Surat to Ramdev in case Baba won. But Ramdev didn’t accept the challenge.

Took VRS from service of Delhi police in 1996

Dhaniram took voluntary retirement (VRS) from the service of Delhi police in 1996 while he was working as a head constable. He ran a grocery shop at home. In April 2009, he shut the shop and started to learn the nuances of wrestling at the age of 54. Jaibhagwan Kataria was his wrestling coach.

Shot to fame

Between 2011 and 2015, he participated in all wrestling competitions in Haryana and shot to fame. He has outsmarted wrestlers all over the country in the 60 plus category with his unique ‘dhobi pachhad’ style.

Won 49 medals in 21 km marathons

Dhaniram started running at the age of 61. He has bagged 21 medals in state level master events. In the national master athletics, he won two gold, four silver and six bronze medals. Besides this, he has won 49 medals in 21-km marathons.

Dhaniram mediates for two hours in the morning and then goes for a 8-kilometer run. In the evening, he again walks for 5 km and runs for 3 km.

No help from govt

Dhaniram rues that the government has not provided any facility for elderly sportspersons. He has won many medals in national events, but got no cash award from the government.