‘They called me to the tracks, said we are going to die, what about you’

Alwar (Rajasthan): Four young men – all in their early twenties holding B.Sc., MA, and MBA degrees – had jumped before a train at Alwar in Rajasthan on Wednesday because they could not find jobs. One of their friends,  Rahul Meena, who was present at the spot, recounts his terrifying experience.

“Around 6.30 pm, I received a call on my mobile phone. My friend Satyanarayan was at the other end. He asked me to come to the railway tracks near Shanikunj. I reached there. There, I found Satyanarayan, Manoj, Rituraj, Abhishek and Santosh smoking cigarettes.

We have decided to die

Satyanarayan told me, ‘We are sick of our lives. We can neither do farming nor get a job. We have decided to die. You decide what you want to do.’

I thought it was a joke. I told them to move away from the track and we sat down by the side and talked about our lives. About half-an-hour passed. Then, we heard the horn of an approaching train. Satyaranarayn immediately got up and rang up her sister. Manoj, Rituraj and Abhishek also started chatting on their phones. As the train came close, all the four threw themselves on the track. The train was running at a high speed. It was gone within minutes and on the tracks were strewn parts of the bodies of my friends.

I was so shocked that I could not even move – or shout. Then, Santosh and I called up the police control room.”

Depression leads to suicidal instinct: Psychologist

Dr Niharika Saini, clinical psychologist of Rajiv Gandhi General Hospital said that depression can and does lead to suicidal instinct. “The person starts feeling that there is nothing more life can offer thim. And then such things happen. There was no reason for these four young men to die. They were in the 21-24 years age-group and were preparing for competitive examinations. Yes, they could not clear any of the exams. But is that reason enough to self-annihilate? Is this reason enough to feel depressed?”\

Delay can be fatal

The mind doctor said that it is the responsibility of the people around to recognise the signs of depression in a person. “He may become withdrawn and may appear to be full of negativity. And that is time when he should be taken to a psychiatrist. Any delay can be fatal.”

And fatal it was.