These techie tea-sellers don’t have prime ministerial ambitions

Patna: Near the NIT turning in the city, a large number of students gather in the mornings and the evenings to sip kulhad tea sold by a stall here. The tea stall is run by three engineer friends – Sanjeet Singh (Lakhisarai), Ujjwal Kumar (Darbhanga) and Madhuban Rai (Ghazipur), who are channeling their technical skills to create unique tea concoctions. The stall has become a talk of the town. When the stall started, they sold 20 cups on an average per day. Today, they are selling more than 700 cups of tea daily. These techie tea sellers, however, have mundane objectives.

Trained in mechanical engineering

Sanjeet and Ujjwal have degrees in mechanical engineering from the Oriental Institute of Science and Technology, Bhopal, while Madhuban is B.Tech from Seacom Engineering College, Kolkata. The three have also completed a Marine course together. Currently, the kulhad tea stall is run by Sanjeet and Ujjwal. Madhuban is a sleeping partner.

Building brand value

Talking about why they picked NIT Mod as the location for their stall, Sanjeet and Ujjwal said that their brother had studied at NIT and their residences were nearby. They said that the main reason was NIT students, who come from various parts of the country. If they will like their tea, they will talk about it. This will increase their brand value. And it happened the way they had anticipated. They said that their Facebook page is receiving many likes from people from cities like Hyderabad, Delhi, and Indore.

More than 50 varieties of tea

At the Kulhad tea stall, you have a choice of fifty types of teas to pick from, 30 of them milk-based. The price per cup ranges from Rs 6 to Rs 40. Hot and cold drinks and mocktails are also available, alongside the tea options. Their vast menu includes teas like regular tea, cardamom tea, ginger tea, spicy tea, clove tea, fennel tea, Iranian tea, Iranian cream tea, rose water tea, Kashmiri tea, tulsi tea, coffee tea, jaggery tea, cinnamon tea, raisin tea, mint tea, coconut tea and saffron tea, besides many others.

Offers pouring in

Tea sellers Sanjeet and Ujjwal said that anyone can make run a household with a job. “We wanted to make big money and also give employment to others,” they said. Currently, they have hired four workers to man the stall. The duo said that they have received offers from several neighbourhoods to open a shop. “We are working on plans to expand our business in Patna,  Bihar and Jharkhand, “they said. Those who have an innovative idea and are capable of executing it should give it a shot, say the new-age tea sellers.