Their eyes brimmed with emotion as children reunited with missing mother after 45 years

Mumbai: In a rare happy-ending story, a 65-year-old woman from Mumbai reunited with her family after 45 years. The eyes of the family members of the elderly woman welled with tears of joy and emotion. Her son, daughters and daughter-in-law asked her how she lived away from home for so many years and whether she remembered them during this long period. Their eyes brimmed again as they wanted to know so many things from their mother.

Cop used to see her scouring for food

The elderly woman named Sundar Patil was reunited by Mumbai police officer Darshan Mukdam with the help of an NGO.

Darshan Mukamam used to see Sundar Patil scouring for food outside St George’s Hospital. Sometimes people used to give her food or money. The condition of the woman was pitiable, her clothes were torn.

Darshan said, “I used to see her sitting near bus stop and sometimes somewhere else. She had lost her sense of self.”

NGO gave support to Patil

Darshan Mukamam said that earlier he was associated with an NGO Jeevan Anand Sanstha that works for the destitute and abandoned people. On Darshan’s request, NGO workers took Sundar with them. They kept her at the NGO centre in Santacruz.

Patil was given treatment along with hygienic food and care. Medical tests revealed that Sundar Patil was suffering from mental disorders.

After lot of coaxing she recalled her past

NGO member Preeti Dawte said, “After the treatment and counselling, she started feeling better and also recalled her past. After a lot of coaxing she recalled the names of her three children and that she was a resident of Kolshet Patilwadi.”

The NGO then googled the location and traced her children. Patil has a son and two daughters. They were ecstatic to hear about the news of their mother.

Woman had left home in a huff after fight with husband

NGO founder Sandip Parab said it was a very emotional moment when the elderly woman reunited with her family.

Sundar’s family said that she had left home in a huff following a fight with her alcoholic husband. She took her children along. In the melee of crowd at Kalyan station, she got separated from the kids.

The police helped relocate the children home but Sundar lost her way. It is still unclear as to how and when she landed in south Mumbai, but for now, she is happy to be back home with her family.