Theft suspects turn out to be ‘ghosts’ involved in molesting girls

Two suspects in Rajgarh had been terrorising students of Carmel Convent School by tricking them into believing there were ghosts and evil spirits in the area.

Raigarh: Miscreants who had terrorised students at Raigarh’s Carmel Convent School, creating impression that there were ‘ghosts’ in the area have been arrested after one-and-half months. On Thursday, Kotwali police arrested two persons on charge of committing theft at Durga Girls Higher Secondary School.

During interrogation it was revealed that they were also involved in undesirable activities at Carmel School. The accused are habitual offenders who threw liquor bottles, filth on the school premises to trick people into believing that there were ‘evil spirits’┬áin the area. They also used to indulge in sabotage and indecent activities in schools and colleges.

Miscreants drew indecent images on walls

Following complaints by girls, the Carmel School management had lodged a report with the Kotwali police early in December 2018. Teachers told police that some anti-social elements were throwing garbage in the school campus and molesting girl students.

Additional SP Harish Rathore and Kotwali TI visited the Carmel School the next day. They found indecent drawings scribbled on the walls of a nearby dilapidated house. Students and guardians felt there were ghosts and evil spirits in the school and nearby areas.

Students were told to stay in groups

School management asked small children and girls to stay in groups, as police suspected the role of anti-social elements. Meanwhile, police kept looking for persons involved in theft at nearby Durga Girls HS School.

The police nabbed two suspects including Mohammad Karim, 24, resident of Dhimrapur and Birju Manikpuri, 35, of Laxmipur. The suspects admitted that they had stolen the purse and mobile of a female teacher, and also admitted to have molested girl students and dumped garbage in Carmel. The accused are suspected to be involved in other thefts as well; investigations are on.

Girls stopped coming to school out of fear

The suspects had created so much terror that many girl students had even stopped coming to school. The teachers had also registered their protest with the police. Kotwali TI Dhruv Markandey confirmed that the theft accused are the so-called ‘ghosts’, who used to make indecent drawings.

Other school also unsafe

Many other schools and colleges including Natwar School, KMT, Commerce College, among others, are unsafe as they have low boundary walls which can be easily scaled.

They are situated adjacent to fields and open areas, which makes it easy for miscreants to enter the premises. Students from KMT had lodged a complaint in this regard in the past.

Recently, a teacher was caught entering the Commerce Degree College while stalking a girl student. In most such cases, the girls do not lodge complaints and this emboldens the miscreants.