The real message is not in the words: Power of body language

[dropcap]”I[/dropcap]’m always amazed at how much my wife is able to communicate with a subtle glance or a particular tilt of her head. Within a second I know if she’s happy, sad, playful or annoyed, and usually I’m able to tell if I contributed to her reaction in some way…” says Pawan, married for three years.

Do you understand how powerful your body language is? Is it relevant? Your nonverbal forms of communication have a powerful impact on your partner and therefore on your relationship’s intimacy overall.

How you communicate:

Tone of voice: The real message is not in the words, but in how they are spoken.

Facial expression: Your face can reveal most of your emotions, including acceptance and judgment.

Eye contact: Your eyes tell others whether you’re interested in what they have to say.

Touch: Touch can be an effective way to communicate warmth and love.

Silence: Deciding not to speak when your partner needs a hug can be extra supportive and can let him/her know that you’re really listening.

Gestures: ‘Talking’ with your hands, widening your eyes, lifting your eyebrows, etc., can add emphasis to your message.

Body language: Crossing your arms when feeling judgmental or turning away from your partner when you become defensive are just two examples of how our bodies speak for us.

Interpersonal distance: The physical distance you place between you and your lover sends an important message. You might move away from your partner when you’re frustrated with her/him or move closer when you’re offering support or listening intently.