The importance of keeping a clean house

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ow often have you walked into a house and realised that the floors needed to be cleaned properly? You must have observed this at times, if not daily. Even if the floors are clean, the bedcovers and towels need not be. Unwashed utensils and empty bottles with layers of dust on them are two other features of a messy home. Compare this to a clean and organised house. The floors sparkle in each and every room. The bedcovers and towels are freshly washed. The kitchen is clean and so are the bathrooms. A gardener keeps the garden in perfect shape, making the idea of spending time outdoors a tempting one.

Stress and Fatigue

A messy house can give rise to stress. Surprised? The reason for stress is that things that are required on a regular basis are kept just about anywhere in the house. When a person gets back home from work, he or she is already stressed out. The need to find what one is looking for leads to unnecessary exertion at the wrong time of the day.

Breeding ground for injuries

An unclean house is a breeding ground for injuries, because people can trip over objects lying around here and there. Besides, it is important to remember that things blocking doorways are fire hazards. A clean home can prevent such potentially life-threatening occurrences.

Germs and pollutants

Dangerous germs inhabit messy houses. Bugs are attracted to unwashed pet bowls and food leftovers. Cockroaches and mice are notorious for spreading diseases. They, too, can be found in such houses.
Kitchens and bathrooms host the maximum number of germs. Both of them have several openings, and that is where germs take up residence if they are not cleaned periodically. Countertops in kitchens need to be cleaned regularly and so do faucet handles and flushes in bathrooms.

Doc talk

Commenting on the merits of living in a clean house, Dr Ashish Ranjan observes, “A well-lit, clean home is an important requirement for staying healthy. There are far fewer infecting agents, which means that the chances of falling ill are relatively less. Since a clean house has fewer pollutants, it benefits one’s respiratory system. In fact, such a house can help in keeping asthma under control.”

The biggest advantage of living in a clean house is that one feels refreshed and comfortable when one gets back after work every day. The importance of ensuring that the house looks bright and beautiful cannot be over-emphasised.

If you already have a clean house, you may wish to make it even cleaner. If you have been staying in a messy place, you must try and make it a better place to live in right away.

(Story by Biswadeep Ghosh)