The fashion forecast of 2019

Enjoy the whole dressy vibe and let the latest trend embrace your own personal style.

We begin this new year with all excitement and grandeur. 2019 is going to be a year of drama, fun and edgy fashion comebacks. The minimalism and atheleisure trends of 2018 are already bygones because this year it’s a celebration of classic revamped styles with opulence and statement wear. So it doesn’t matter if you are a minimalist or a maximalist, you will have to opt for either the quintessential spotlight or the subtle neutrals but this year will be all about eye-catching styles.

Here’s a quick guide to take you around the upcoming trends of this year: 

The colour wheel: Living coral, an undertone of orange, is the colour of the year giving a fresh vibe all around, followed by the new entrant Sage green. Yellow is mellowed down to Buttermilk yellow and greys which topped the charts in 2018 are represented this year by the Oyster silver oat shade. Auburn red, the darker version of terracotta will be seen in trend and powder blue is the new pastel to look for this season. 

The theatricals: The ’50s and ’60s Broadway drama will be reincarnated this year by showing a red signal to the basics. It’s time to relive your inner queen as the fringes, frills, feathers, ruffles, cascades, layers are back in volumes. 

Necklines: Square is the new round this season. Be ready to flaunt those amazing collarbones with wide sharp edged rectangular necklines. 

The puff: As volume is the mantra this season, sleeves and shoulders will be adorning this design feature in ornamented fine elasticated gathers at shoulders and sleeve rounds just like the Bengali balloon like puffed blouses. From cold shoulders to extra fabric onto it, 2019 has definitely taken a rollercoaster ride. 

The suits: Another acceleration will be seen in how we perceived the classic suits both for men and women. This year the real muse is the suit. Suits will undergo major changes, from the corporate scene to making it fall under the streetwear category; the suit will be transformed big time. Double breasted oversized suit silhouettes will be in. The interesting part is that the suits will be seen in a casual integration with unique combined clothing. 

Tie & dye: DIY trend is a step up this year with bold tie & dye graphics and acid wash techniques being used for surface ornamentation mixed with asymmetrical patterns and prints. 

Aesthetic utility: In Louis Vuitton’s June 2018 show, Virgil Abloh introduced the concept of “accessormorphosis”, the transformation of bags and wallets into clothing. This season almost every brand is incorporating pockets, belt like feature in garments to provide both practical functionality and style element. 

All about shorts: Boxy knee length shorts are the new casual wear this season, followed by ’90s popular knee-length cycling shorts for both men and women. Shorts will be seen everywhere this year with jackets, gathered tops and shirts. 

Sun ray pleats: 2018 saw various versions of pleats, from boxy to inverted pleats. This year it is all about thin intricate pleating not just in skirts or hemlines but as a major feature in the entire attire. 

2019 is all about being in vogue, making the conventional take a backseat and letting you experiment with veteran styles via more contemporary approach. Enjoy the whole dressy vibe and let the latest trend embrace your own personal style.

(Story by Anubhuti Beohar)