Thali for Rs 40, rose garland for Rs 20: Parties say ECI rates for poll expenses too low

Jaipur: The Election Commission of India (ECI) has published the rate list for all poll-related expenses by candidates and political parties for the forthcoming assembly elections in Rajasthan.

Political parties say that the rates are unrealistic and not in keeping with the prices prevailing in the market. For instance, the EC has fixed Rs 90 per kg as the rate for ladoos and Rs 150 per kg for Chuda. Ladoos are not available for less than Rs 180 per kg in the markets while a kilogram of Chuda costs at least Rs 160.

Hiring charges too fixed

Similarly, the ECI has fixed Rs 20 as the price of a garland of roses. Such garlands are sold for Rs 80 to Rs 100 a piece in the market. An ordinary Thali, according to ECI, should set the political parties back by Rs 40 and a deluxe one by Rs 50. In the market, no thali – deluxe or otherwise – is available for less than Rs 100. A water camper of 15-litre capacity costs around Rs 35 while the EC has fixed its rate at Rs 20.

Similarly, the rates for hiring chairs, carpets, curtains, mike stands and tents are also too low, the parties claim.