Terrorism, corruption, nepotism effectively tackled in New India: Narendra Modi

Paris: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that terrorism, corruption, nepotism and dynastic rule were being effectively tackled in New India and his government was taking one decision after the other in the spirit of “spasht niti, sahi disha (clear policy, right direction)”. 

Addressing the Indian diaspora at the UNESCO building here, Modi spoke of his government’s decision to bring a law against instant Triple Talaq and said blessings of crores of daughters will be beneficial for India in the coming centuries.

No scope of getting tired or stopping in New India: He said there was no scope of getting tired or stopping in New India. “In New India, nepotism, family rule, loot of people’s money, terrorism…the way these are being checked, it has never happened in the past. There is no question of getting tired or stopping in New India,” he said.

Modi, who received applause from the gathering several times during his speech, said the word “infra” represents an alliance between India and France.

He said there is a reference to 21st century infra during discussions. 

Here infra stands for India and France: “Here infra has some other meaning. It stands for India and France. It is a partnership, an alliance between India and France. From solar infra to social infra, technology infra to space infra, from digital infra to defence infra, the alliance between India and France is moving forward strongly,” the Prime Minister said.

Modi said that his government has set up Jal Shakti Ministry to holistically tackle issues relating to water and had taken several “revolutionary steps” in the field of health and for the protection of children.

Triple Talaq was an inhuman act: He said Triple Talaq was an inhuman act and linked to the issue of women’s dignity.

“That the sword of Triple Talaq should keep hanging…we have ended it. How can new India accept injustice with Muslim sisters and daughters,” he said.

Modi also referred to the soft landing of Chandrayaan 2 on the moon on September 7. 

“Chandrayaan 2 will make a landing on the moon on September 7. India will become the fourth country in the world to achieve the feat,” he said.