‘Tell your boss, he will forgive you’: How Kiren Rijiju’s daughter convinced him to attend her school function

New Delhi: Taking some time off from his busy schedule, Union minister Kiren Rijiju spent some quality time with his daughter at her school in Delhi.

The elated father posted a picture with his daughter and a video where the little one is seen advising the 47-year-old minister to take some time out of his work and ask his “boss” for leave.

“Finally, for the first time I could manage a little moment to attend my daughter’s “Grandparents Day” in her school in the absence of any of her grandparents. She was too excited!” 47-year-old Kiren Rijiju tweeted on Sunday.

Rijiju is seen sitting on a ledge in the school corridor with his beaming daughter.

The Minister of State for Home Affairs also shared a video of his daughter trying to convince him to visit her school.

“Papa, tomorrow is my Grandparents’ Day. You must come tomorrow. Mama always comes to my school, sees the performance. She sees my dancing…the fish dance. But you never ever come to my school. How can that be, papa? My grandparents come to Delhi from far village (sic),” she says.

To this, the minister replies, “Alright, I’ll try to come. I’m so busy these days. What to do?”

The daughter then makes a suggestion and is sure that “the boss” wouldn’t refuse it. “You have office but just say to your boss that I have to come to my daughter’s school. Then your boss can forgive you,” she said in the 51-second clip.

Kiren Rijiju is a father to two boys and three girls.