Telcos providing 3G speeds at 4G charges, reveals TRAI survey

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh’s capital may have a 4G mobile network, but in reality, the devices of the people using the service are operating only at 3G speeds, reveals Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) data, which was released on Thursday.

The maximum available Internet speed in Bhopal is 18.89 Mbps, which is lower than the 20 Mbps minimum speed for 4G networks.

TRAI, through an agency, had conducted independent drive test (IDT) in Bhopal, Durg-Bhilai, Kannur, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Varanasi. The IDTs were conducted to assess the network quality provided by cellular mobile telephone service providers for voice and data services.

685 calls

The team, which visited Bhopal from May 21 to 25, travelled 610 km within the city limits and conducted tests to check Internet speed and voice quality. The team made 685 calls using the network of each of the six telco providers. The test results were based on factors like data upload and download speed, voice quality, web page download time and video streaming time.

Call drop rate

All the telecom service providers in Bhopal met the criteria of 2 per cent cap on call drop rate. Mumbai was the only city among the six surveyed that witnessed call drop over 2 per cent.

No 3G/4G service meets the standards

As per the report, no telecom service provider in the city meets the minimum RX quality for 3G or 4G network, which should be above 95%.

Average 4G speeds across India

•Kannur: 16.76 (Airtel)
•Durg: 15.28 (Airtel)
•Bhopal: 9.65 (JIO)
•Mumbai: 9.77 (JIO)
•Navi Mumbai: 8.34 (Vodafone)
•Varanasi: 4.82 (JIO)

(Story: Manish Chandra Mishra)