Teach PM Narendra Modi a little about diplomacy: Rahul Gandhi to S Jaishankar

New Delhi: Hours after external affairs minister S Jaishankar rejected the notion that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi was endorsing United States President Donald Trump’s re-election bid at the ‘Howdy, Modi’ event in Houston, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday thanked him for covering up for the prime minister’s ‘incompetence’.

Asking Jaishankar to teach PM Modi a little about diplomacy, Gandhi tweeted, “Thank you Mr. Jaishankar for covering up our PM’s incompetence. His fawning endorsement caused serious problems with the Democrats for India. I hope it gets ironed out with your intervention. While you’re at it, do teach him a little bit about diplomacy.”

Asserting India’s non-partisan stand to domestic American politics, Jaishankar on Monday said Modi used the term “Abki Baar Trump Sarkaar” in the Houston rally, merely referring to what Trump had said to endear himself to the Indian American community during his presidential campaign.

“I don’t think we should, honestly, misinterpret what was said. I don’t think you’re doing a good service to anybody,” Jaishankar said in response to the question.