Tablet that should dissolve in 15 minutes, remains as it is on the third day!

Kota: A tablet meant for diabetes patients did not dissolve in water even in three days, while it should have dissolved in a matter of fifteen minutes. A patient who was given this medicine at the Rampura District Hospital here took it to the Department of Drugs and lodged a complaint.

Samples collected

The department took samples of the medicine from the Rampura Hospital on Tuesday and froze the remaining stock. The samples will be tested at a Jaipur laboratory.

Harish Jain, a resident of the old city, said that the doctors at Rampura Hospital prescribed glimepiride, pioglitazone hydrochloride and metformin hydrochloride (RI) tablets to his wife. The medicine was provided to him free of charge by the hospital under the CM’s Free Medicine Distribution Scheme. Jain’s wife informed him that the tablet passed through her system undigested. They spoke to the doctor about this. The doctor put the tablet in a bowl of water, only to discover that it did not dissolve even in three days.┬áThe medicine is a dispersible one and is supposed to dissolve in water within 15 minutes.

After this, Jain complained to the drug controller who instructed the assistant drug controller Devendra Garg to investigate and take action.

Component ratio mismatch

Many components are used to turn the medicine into tablet form, two of which are the binding agent and the disintegrating agent. The former retains the tablet’s form and the latter helps it dissolve in water. Both are mixed in a prescribed ratio. It is suspected that the two components in the medicine are not in the correct ratio which is causing the tablet not to dissolve in water. It is worth noting that this tablet is uncoated and should dissolve in 15 minutes at body temperature. Even if there is nothing wrong with the medicine’s contents, it effectiveness remains zero because it does not dissolve in water.