Swimming coach hits girl trainees with belt; their parents say it doesn’t matter

Ahmedabad: After the video of swimming coach at Rajpath Club – the poshest club in the city – hitting two teenage girl trainees with a belt became viral on social media on Friday, the parents of the girls organised a press conference to say that they do not want any action against the coach.

The video shows the coach Hardik Patel hitting the trainees – wearing swim suits – with a belt and abusing them. The video created an uproar and Jagriti Pandya, chairman of the State Child and Woman Commission ordered a probe. The chairman of the club JB Patel announced that the coach has been placed under suspension, pending probe by a three-member panel.

Parents rise in support

However, soon the parents of the trainees – including the girls featuring in the video – rallied in support of the coach. They organised a press conference in which they questioned the motives of the person who shot the video and posted it on social media.

They said that the coach is a teacher and as such, has the right to punish the trainees. “There is nothing wrong in it. It is his way of teaching and we have no objections to it,” they said.

Joint memo

The trainees and their parents have submitted a joint memorandum to the club management saying that they do not want any action against the coach and that his services should be reinstated. Hardik Patel has been teaching swimming in the club for the past one and a half years.

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