Sushant Singh Rajput disappointed with ‘Sonchiriya’s’ low screen count

Sushant Singh Rajput’s latest release Sonchiriya has failed to set the cash registers ringing at the boxoffice. The result has left Sushant extremely disappointed and sources close to the actor say that the ridiculously low number of screens that the film got left Sushant extremely upset.

“Sushant worked a lot for Sonchiriya. He was particularly happy when the film started receiving rave reviews. But he didn’t expect the film to be allotted such low screens, especially in Mumbai. The movie didn’t play at any major single screen theatre in Mumbai, which again was a huge disappointment for him. Unfortunately, things were not in his hands and he had no control over screen spacing,” said a source.

Sushant was also disappointed to note that marketing of the film was quite low key in comparison to the other film that released alongside.