Surat: After facing eve-teasing, Jain sadhvis take self-defence training

Surat: Jain Sadhvis – for whom ‘Ahimsa Parmo Dharmah (Non-violence is the highest duty)’ – is the creed – are taking self-defence training. They decided to learn the art after a sadhvi was subjected to eve-teasing at Gopipura in Surat on November 9.

Around 50 sadhvis are being trained in the first batch. They are in the age-group of 20-60 years. Jeevan Kalyan Trust has made arrangements for the training. Its president Ashit Gandhi said that women from Rashtra Sevika Samiti – the women’s wing of the RSS – are providing the training.

No weapons

Shivani Shah of the Samiti said that as the sadhvis are barred from touching any weapon, they are being trained in self-defence without using any weapon. “They can use sticks but not pepper-spray or knife or even a nail-cutter,” she explained.