Surat: 21 women arrested in a party raid for alcohol consumption

Surat: On Friday night Surat police raided an all-women kitty party in the city and arrested 21 ladies for consuming alcohol in the dry state of Gujarat. The party was going on in an upscale hotel in Piplod, Surat. Along with the arrest, police also seized four bottles of Indian made foreign liquor (IMFL).

The women were taken to the New Civil Hospital for blood test and then were arrested under Gujarat Prohibition Act, 1960. All the arrested women were presented in the local court on Saturday, where they were released on bail. All these women belong to the well-to-do families of the city.

Out of the 21 arrested women, some did not consume alcohol but still were arrested for not informing the police about the party. “Those not drunk were part of a gathering where illegal activity was taking place. They should have left the spot or informed police,” a police official said. Families of these women rushed to Umra police station. Most of these people came with bail papers and argued with police for arresting the ladies who did not consume alcohol.

According to the police, four bottles that were recovered from the party were, one bottle of vodka, one bottle of red wine and two bottles of scotch whiskey. A woman who reportedly had an argument with an invitee informed the police about the consumption of alcohol at the gathering, reported TOI.

The arrested women usually gathered at the same hotel to party. The hotel manager will also be arrested for allowing consumption of alcohol in the hotel premises said the police.

Consumption, sale and storage of alcohol is prohibited in Gujarat under Gujarat Prohibition Act, 1960. With New Year’s eve approaching, police has become more cautious about the parties in the city. This case, just 10 days before New Year has created a panic among people.