Supplements for 40-plus

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]aving nutrient-rich foods is the right thing to do at any age. However, one must remember that the body at 40-plus doesn’t function as smoothly as it once did. Metabolism slows down, impacting the body’s ability to break down foods into components such as minerals and vitamins. That is why the body needs supplements, which can fulfil our nutritional requirements in the right manner.

Supplements can help the 40-plus body in different ways. One must keep in mind that speaking to the doctor before deciding on the dosage and in fact, having them is absolutely important. So, do give your body what it needs. But speak to the doctor before you act.

Probiotics: Maintaining gut health is crucial. Good gut health has a positive impact on digestive health, mental health, immunity and more. Foods have probiotics, but having a well-balanced supplement is much more useful.

Potassium: Potassium helps in having healthy blood pressure levels. High blood pressure leads to numerous health-related problems as we grow older. That is why the body needs to have potassium in the right quantities.

Boron: This mineral may not be spoken of every day. But it is well-known that it helps in the good functioning of the brain and immune response.

Magnesium: If you drink too much coffee or tea and experience chronic stress, magnesium deficiency is a serious possibility. This can cause cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis or behavioural disorders. So, having a magnesium supplement is a good option.

Fish Oil: Omega-3 fatty acids help in combating serious issues like heart disease and joint pain. They also resist inflammation.

Vitamin D: Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium. It also helps in the movement of muscles, apart from fighting against bacteria. Most of us do not get adequate sunlight. So, having a supplement can be useful.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C becomes increasingly important as we grow older. Toxins such as sunlight damage the body, which can have adverse consequences by the time we are 40. Vitamin C protects the immune system and is essential for making collagen.

Calcium: It plays multiple roles. It helps blood vessels transport blood and is also essential for our heart and strong and healthy bones.

Chromium: Chromium supplements are important after metabolism slows down. They regulate blood sugar and also enhance fat loss and muscle mass.

B-Complex: B Vitamins enhance energy levels and boost good cholesterol. They also help in ensuring that our organ systems work efficiently.


Biswadeep Ghosh