Superstar Rajinikanth faces ₹101 crore lawsuit

New Delhi: Ever since Tamil cinema superstar Rajinikanth’s film ‘Kaala’ went on floors, it has been facing several legal hassles.

Earlier, director Pa Ranjith was accused of taking inspiration from Indian gangster and smuggler Haji Mastan’s life, but later the case was dismissed by the Madras High Court.

Only days before the release of the film, Jawahar Nadar, son of ‘godfather’ of Dharavi, Thiraviam Nadar, has slapped a ₹101-crore defamation suit against Rajinikanth. Jawahar claimed that Pa Ranjith’s character Karikaalan has been inspired by his father and the film could malign the image of his father and the entire Nadar community.

Jawahar claims that the makers of Kaala have not taken his permission to make the movie on his father who fought for the justice of the underprivileged Tamilians in Dharavi, was also known as ‘Gudwala Seth’ and ‘Kaala Seth’.

He has sought ₹101 crore as damages. In an interview with The News Minute, he said, “It is not about the money. It is about what is right. If the movie portrays my father positively, then we must get credit for it. If the movie defames my father then they should apologise for it and pay for it.”

He also said to, “I will use the money for the betterment of Tamil speaking people who are living on Dharavi. The makers of ‘Kaala’ shot the movie there but they did not think about the people. If the ‘Kaala’ team will not respond to me, I will move the case to the next level, by filing a case to stay ‘Kaala’s release.”

Recalling his father’s struggle, Jawahar stated that his father relocated to Mumbai looking for small and petty jobs in 1957. He slowly found his way around and eventually became a ‘godfather’. He was also someone who stood by the law and did a lot of good to the people, according to his son.

Thiraviam Nadar had passed away in 2003. Reportedly Jawahar Nadar’s lawyer accused Rajinikanth of portraying late S Thiraviam Nadar in a bad light in the highly-anticipated gangster drama. Jawahar Nadar further alleges that makers of Kaala have not taken his permission to make the movie on his father.

It is now set for worldwide release on June 7.