Superheroes/ This MBA couple sells food outside railway station in Mumbai every morning

Mumbai: An MBA couple in Mumbai has set up a food stall outside the Kandivali railway station to help their maid financially. They give their income to their maid. Ashwani Shenoy Shah and her husband sell poha, upma and paratha at the food stall from 4 am to 10 am daily.

Facebook user Deepali Bhatia gave this information through a post. Deepali wrote, “I was looking for good food on Gandhi Jayanti (2 October). I reached Shah’s food stall. Snacks were available there. After tasting the food I asked the couple why they were selling such delicious food on the roadside. Why are you selling on a stall? I was surprised to hear their answer and was very impressed. They were doing so to help their maid financially.

Deepali took to the social media platform to share the great work that the couple is doing.

Calling Ashwini Shenoy Shah and her husband Superheroes, Deeplia wrote, “In the rushing world of Mumbai where we rarely have time to stop and think here are 2 Superheros who think more for someone than themselves….. Early morning on 2nd October in hunt of good food we landed on a stall right outside Kandivali station and we reached a small stall selling Pohas, Upma, Parathas, Idli….”

Deepali said she was so thrilled and touched to learn that they were selling these things to help their 55-year-old maid and her husband who suffers from paralysis. She said this was one of the most inspiring acts of kindness.

The couple is winning hearts on the Internet with their act of kindness. The couple, who work at private firms, sell food at the given time and then head to their respective offices.

If you can’t give money, then donate time: Many users commented on Bhatia’s post. One wrote: this couple should get a reward. Another wrote: May God keep them happy. Another user says that if we cannot donate money to someone, then donate time.