Suicide is not the answer to failure

Preeti Acharya

As the new year begins, I wish for all of us to be in the best of spirits. However my heart misses a beat when I think about the Class 12 board exams. You got it right. I am talking about the young lives we lose every year after the exam results are out. We are bombarded with news about suicides which can be traced to bullying, loneliness, social media, debt, poverty, illness or even depression.

There are many reasons why people give up on life financial issues, disease, breakups or fairing badly in Class 12 board exams. Expectations are the easiest way to crave the destiny of our pain. Even though we realise it is true, we do not give up on our baseless, meaningless expectations from others as well as from our own selves. When science has proved that our each hair strand is different from our fellow beings, how can our thoughts, feelings, habits in short our calibre match with each other. We are unique and complete beings, but it is so hard to remember that when we are young and raw.

Is success that difficult? What is the language of success? Are marks mandatory for success? True marks have their importance, but they are not the only road to success.

According to me even if one works on five basic developments for him/herself one can fit into, success will be yours.

Physical development

We do not need family and friends coaxing us to eat and what not to eat. If we become lazy or indifferent, careless regarding the importance of physical fitness, that’s our call.

Mental development

Humans have a mind superior to any other being on the planet. We can develop it by formal education, activities and social interaction. We are a bundle of energy that if channelled well will lead to over all heath. We must let go of thought patterns that do not serve us. If you are not reasonable cheerful, curious and are bogged down more often than not, by dark thoughts then, it is good to seek help of friends and family, and further seek professional help when needed.

Social development

Social development is about building bonds with family, friends and society , and not on whatsapp and facebook alone. They must be your support system most specially in times of need.

Emotional development

If you are emotionally sapped and holding onto grudges, dissatisfied with life and people, it will affect your physical health. Life on this earth is temporary, how can the problems be permanent?

Spiritual development

Someone I read, we are not human beings going through a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings going through a human experience. If you are strong in spirit, you will never ever be influenced by a weak state of mind that leads to suicide.

Success is the language of the brave, who battle through struggles that life offers, with a charismatic smile and hope in their hearts. So dear souls, suicide has never been and shall never be an answer to a failure. Embrace failures as stepping stones to success. Believe it or not, FAILURES BUILD YOU UP.

(The author is a counsellor)