Subodh Gupta steps down as curator of Serendipity Art Fest in Goa following sexual offence accusations

[dropcap]J[/dropcap]ust a day after Indian sculptor and artist, Subodh Gupta was accused of sexual harassment through a social media account, he stepped down as the curator of Serendipity Arts Festival, Goa. However, he denied the accusations against him and called them “false and fabricated.”

Gupta was accused through an Instagram account “Scene and Herd.” The post called him a “serious sexual harasser” and gave details regarding his “inappropriate” behaviour with his assistants.

“I deny the anonymous allegations made on the Instagram account @herdsceneand in their entirety. I have never behaved in an inappropriate manner with any individual who worked with me and several of my former assistants can attest to this. These allegations are entirely false and fabricated,” Subodh said while speaking to the Indian Express.

After the accusation, Serendipity Arts Festival said that Subodh Gupta has stepped down as the curator of the fest. “With multiple social objectives, focused on creating an inclusive and responsible space for practitioners across the artistic spectrum. In light of recent allegations, Subodh Gupta has issued a statement denying them but has also decided to step back, and will not be present at the festival, so as not to detract from the collaborative efforts of over 90 projects at the Serendipity Arts Festival this year,” the officials said.

However, the organisation did not release any official statement in the matter.

Earlier this year, the same Instagram account had also accused Gaurav Bhatia, Sculptor Bala Gopalan, Photographer Edson Beny Dias and many more. the description on the account reads, “Cutting through BS in the Indian Art world, one predator and power play, at a time. Current posts from our personal experiences. We choose anonymity.”