Stray dog mauls child; it takes docs 100 stitches to reconstruct his face

Bhopal: A three and a half year old child was mauled by a stray dog near his home on May 2 in Fatehgarh area of the city. The incident happened in the evening, when Fawad Ullah was playing outside his house.

The dog tore up the boy’s face. He received around 100 stitches and was discharged after five days and a complex surgery from the hospital on Monday.

The minor’s parents said that the Bhopal Municipal Corporation cares two hoots for the safety of the people. “Stray dogs are very aggressive and have bitten many children prior to Fawad” said Shazid Ashfaq, maternal uncle of the child. Ashfaq plans to file a complaint against the BMC.

“Our locality is overflowing with dogs and they are very aggressive. We had lodged complaints on several occasions, but nothing moved”, Shazid said.

A CCTV footage of the incident shows the ferocity of the stray dog which suddenly pounced on Fawad.

Not the first time

It is not the first incident of stray dog attack in the city. On Feb 2018, in Gautam Nagar area a two-year-old child was attacked by a pack of dogs and dragged into a nullah. The child was bitten over 250 times and succumbed to his injuries on the spot.

Complex surgery

The boy was seriously injured and Max Care hospital referred him to Lake City hospital for further treatment. Dr Ashwin Apte and his team operated on his face to reconstruct the torn muscles. It took him around one hour to perform the surgery and the torn face required around 100 stitches.

No solution in sight

On an average BMC sterilises 16,000 dogs every year. The total number of unsterilised dogs in the city is approximately two lakh. Therefore, at the current pace, the terror of stray dogs will continue for many more years.

Animal activists allege that the civic body is not following the standard procedure for sterilising stray dogs. BMC, which has over 30 people to catch stray dogs, started its sterilisation centre in 2013 and only 80,000 dogs have been sterilised to date.