Superstitions: People in this village in Madhya Pradesh’s Ujjain have never painted their houses, they don’t use colours, fear misfortune will befall them if they break the ritual

Ujjain: Colour attracts everyone, but in Ujjain’s Kachalia village under tehsil Alot people do not whitewash or paint their houses although they have spent lakhs of rupees on their construction. Only government buildings and temples are painted. The decoration is not done even during the wedding ceremony or during any other event.

This tradition has been going on for generations in Kachalia village and everyone, including the young and old alike, follow it. The population of Kachalia is about 1400. There are about 200 houses here but not even a single house is painted. A primer prepared at home is applied on doors alone.

People who do not wear black clothes and shoes

There is total ban on the use of black colour in the village. Villagers do not wear black clothes or shoes here. There is ban on wearing socks as well. During marriage ceremonies, the colours are not used even while offering worship to Mata. Only the images of Goddesses are affixed and worshipped. Similarly during Diwali colour is not used to paint the animal’s horns.

Ratanpuri Goswami, priest of the 75-year-old temple, told that there is a temple of Lord Kaleshwar in the village. People have faith in God Kaleshwar, so nobody paints the houses except the temple. This tradition has been going on for generations, but no one knows what is the reason behind this.

Two or three times when the tradition was broken, some misfortune befell the village.

Panchayat Secretary Vinod Parihar and Sarpanch Gordhan Suryavanshi told that five houses were constructed under the PM housing scheme in the village. After the construction, the beneficiaries were asked to paint them but they refused. The officials sought guidance from senior officers, but the villagers did not paint their houses.

After this, their second installment was stopped. But later the amount was paid after the collector’s intervention. Now the benefit of the scheme is not being given for the new PM housing in the village.

(Story by Lokesh Dingoria)