States where Nari Shakti was searched more led the country in crimes against women

New Delhi: The Oxford Dictionary has selected the word Nari Shakti (women power) as the Hindi word of 2018 and thus accorded a separate identity to this word. This word was duly included in the dictionary on January 27.

People of the states of UP, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan searched this word more often than other others and helped this word find a place in the dictionary.

According to Google trends, the word Nari Shakti was searched most in these states. Ironically these states also led the country in crimes against women.

The Hindi Word of the Year chosen every year, in many ways, reflects the conversation, ethos of a particular year.

The word this year Nari Shakti has been derived from Sanskrit and when broken down, the word ‘nari’ means women and ‘shakti’ means power.

Swati Nanda, head of digital marketing of Oxford University Press, explained some words were searched more often on Google compared to this word. But the jury members chose Nari Shakti as the Hindi word of 2018 due to incidents like Sabrimala and triple talaq.

The word rose to prominence last year due to two reasons. One of them being the Supreme Court’s decision to ban the controversial Islamic practice of triple-talaq. The second was the historical decision of the apex court to allow girls and women into the Sabarimala temple in Kerala.

Several other momentous decisions in favour of women empowerment were taken last year. Some of them were allowing women to participate in combat roles in the armed forces. lifting the ban on the entry of women into Haj without a male companion.

Namita Gokhle, a member of the jury panel, said our objective was to select a word having deep impact on the society.