State legislators ‘slaughtered cows a year ago’: BJP leader justifies Kerala floods

New Delhi: In an outrageous statement, a BJP lawmaker from Karnataka has said that devastating floods in the state of Kerala are the result of cow slaughter in the state.

The saffron party leader, Basangouda Patil Yatnal, went on to say that Kerala was suffering the consequences of “hurting Hindu sentiment”.

More than 300 people have died and lakhs displaced in Kerala’s worst floods in a century, caused by days of torrential rain.

However, Yatnal – a former union minister– didn’t shy away from connecting this massive crisis to cow slaughter.

“Slaughtering cows is against the feelings of the Hindu community. One should not hurt the feelings of other religions. Now you see what happened to Kerala, they openly slaughtered cows and you see in less than one year they’ve come to this stage,” he said.

“Whoever hurts the feelings of the Hindu community will be punished this way,” he added.

He made this comment while referring to an instance, when legislators from Kerala, a year ago, organised a beef festival in the assembly canteen to protest a central government order banning cattle killing and trade.

Yatnal’s notorious past

  • Last month, the BJP lawmaker had said if he were home minister of Karnataka, he would have had intellectuals shot as they were “dangerous”.
  • In June, just after the Karnataka election, he had said at a meeting of his party workers that the BJP should not work for the development of Muslims as they had not voted for the party.
  • Yatnal, who had quit the BJP a few years ago, made a comeback just before the Karnataka polls.