Stadium’s power supply snapped amid wrestling match, cars used to light up the ring

Panchkula (Haryana): The final match of the 53rd State-level Wrestling Tournament was underway at the Tau Devilal Stadium in Sector 3 of the city on Sunday evening. Suddenly, the entire premises plunged into darkness.

Phone calls to the power company office revealed that the supply had been disconnected as the unpaid power dues of the stadium had mounted to Rs 24 lakh. The officials of the sports department pleaded with the power outfit to restore the supply and promised that the bill would be positively cleared on Monday morning but they would none of it.

Families of contestants get together

Scoring was done in the light of cell phone torches

Then, the family members and the friends of the players whose matches were yet to be played, pooled Rs 1,000 and bought wire of 100 metres length. The wires were connected to the bulbs in the boxing ring at one end and the batteries of a dozen cars parked on the premises at the other. The engines of the vehicles were kept running for four hours to keep the ring lit up till the matches concluded.

Bhiwani’s Narendra said, “My daughter Amrit was to take party in 69 kg, under-19 category match. After the power supply was disconnected, I went to the market and bought wire.”

Not the first time

The stadium’s power supply was also disconnected in July when the unpaid dues were Rs 20 lakhs. The supply was restored on the assurance of the sports department that the amount would be paid within the next three months. However, that was not done and the overdue amount mounted to Rs 25 lakh. That was why the power outfit decided to act tough.