Sri Lanka Ball Tampering Scandal: What is the whole fiasco?

New Delhi: West Indies and Sri Lanka experienced a rather dramatic scenario last week. The Indies are playing hosts to the Lankans, who were accused of ball tampering charges on Saturday. They refused to take the field hence, and the whole fiasco unfolded in front of the world.

What’s the Story?

On day 2 of the second test between West Indies and Sri Lanka, a controversial act transpired on the field. The visitors were craving for wickets, when on-field umpires, Aleem Dar and Ian Gould spotted Lankan captain Dinesh Chandimal doing something suspicious.

He was accused of tampering with the ball, a claim which was later confirmed by television broadcasters’ footage. On day 3, upon knowing that they are accused of ball tampering, the Sri Lankan team denied such allegations and refused to take the field. The play was hence delayed for up to two hours.

The umpires along with match referee Javagal Srinath had a heated argument with the Sri Lankan team management and they were given two choices, either to resume the play or forfeit the match.

What Transpired next?

The Lankans took to the field later, however, five runs were added to West Indies score as a penalty. Play resumed with a new ball on day 3, while the Sri Lankan administration strongly denied the tampering charges, offering full support to their players.

Next day, the ICC confirmed that Chandimal had pleaded not guilty to all charges. They issued a statement further informing that the footage of the match “appeared to show the Sri Lanka captain taking sweets out from his left pocket and putting these in his mouth, before applying the artificial substance to the ball which the umpires viewed as an attempt to change its condition.”

Next up, a hearing will be held after the end of the test, wherein, if found guilty, Chandimal may lose as many as two points, that could see him miss the third match.