Spy or not? To get rid of wife, Pakistani man forces wife to enter India; injured in BSF firing

Amritsar: People in Pakistan are exploiting the worsening India-Pakistan relations for their benefit after the Pulwama terror attack. A Pakistani youth wanted to get rid of his wife, so he colluded with the Pak rangers and forced the wife to cross the border. The woman was forced to cross the border early on Wednesday through Bangar post in Gurdaspur district. The BSF asked her to stop and opened fire when she did not stop. The soldiers could not see her due to fog and they suspected it could be a human bomb. So they opened fire. But after the sun rose the soldiers saw the wounded woman in the daylight. Subsequently she was hospitalised.

Was sent to spy for Pakistan?

At the same time, the intelligence officials have not ruled out the possibility that the woman could have been sent to spy for the neighbouring country. DIG Rajesh Sharma said the woman is mentally sound. A broken mobile was recovered from her. After treatment, Dera Baba Nanak police will interrogate the woman.

Husband conspired with Pak jawans

The injured woman Gulshan, 32, told that she came from Pakistani Army camp. She is from Tajpura village situated on the border. Husband wanted to get rid of her. There were frequent brawls between them. Husband colluded with some soldiers of the Pakistan Army and they forcefully pushed her into the Indian border. She did not realise it as it was dark. “Three days back he had left me with Pakistani soldiers”, Gulshan said.