Speed governors save lives, don’t abandon them: Top road safety expert to Gadkari

New Delhi: Reacting to the Union surface transport minister Nitin Gadkari’s announcement at a conference here on September 6 that the central government will be abolishing the mandatory requirement of speed governors for commercial vehicles, Dr Kamal Soi, top international road safety expert and member of National Road Safety Council of the ministry of surface transport has written to Gadkari strongly advising him not to go ahead with the proposal.

Speed kills

Speed, Dr Soi said, is the biggest killer. The rate of fatalities has grown from 21.6 per 100 road mishaps in 2016 to 31.4 in 2018, he said. Speed is the culprit in 61 per cent of the mishaps on national highways. He said that the ministry’s own figures say that in the past 11 years, while the number of accidents has grown by 9.4 per cent, the number of fatalities has jumped by 58.8 per cent.

More than 40 per cent the road mishaps are caused by commercial vehicles, he said

Speed                             Distance required for vehicle to stop

(in kmph)                                     (in metres)

100                                                    98

90                                                      69

60                                                      45

40                                                      26

[box type=”info” align=”” class=”” width=””]At present, the speed governors restrict the top speed of buses, and taxis to 80 kmph, while trucks have the speed restricted to 60 kmph. Three-wheelers and school buses have to adhere to a speed limit of 40 kmph. Speed governments were made mandatory by the Centre last year on the orders of the Karnataka High Court.[/box]

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