Social media has disastrous impacts on youngsters, feels Selena Gomez

Singer-actress Selena Gomez does not find social media proper for the youngsters as she feels it has disastrous impacts on them.

During the press conference of her zombie comedy “The Dead Don’t Die”, the 26-year-old actress, who has more than 150 million followers on Instagram, spoke about the damaging effects of social media on youth.

She said: “I think our world is unmistakably going through a lot. But for my generation, specifically, social media has been appalling. They aren’t really aware of the news or anything going on.”

Gomez feels social media is responsible for spreading incorrect information among people.

She said: It’s dangerous, for sure. I don’t think people are getting the right information sometimes.”

On being asked how to make Instagram a safe space, Gomez said it’s “pretty impossible”.

“It is impossible to make it safe at this point. I’m grateful I have a platform. I don’t do a lot of pointless pictures. For me, I like to be intentional with it. I see these young girls… I’ll meet them at meet-and-greets, and they’re just overwhelmed by bullying and not having a voice.

“I would be careful and allow yourself some time limits of when you should use it.”