Social evil not crime! Gamblers won’t have to go to jail in Rajasthan

Jaipur: The Rajasthan Government, taking the view that gambling is a social evil – and not a crime – intends to amend the 69-year-old Rajasthan Public Gambling Act, 1949 to do away with the provision prescribing jail term as punishment for gambling. Presently, gamblers can be sentenced to up to one-year imprisonment.

However, running gambling and betting rackets will continue to be punishable with imprisonment. Under the new law, those running gambling dens may be sent to jail for a period of up to three years and fined up to Rs 10 lakh. Close to 23,000 cases are registered in the state under the Act every year.

Present provisions and proposed changes

Violation Present provision
Proposed changes
Running gambling den Same as gambling
3 yrs imprisonment, Rs 10L fine
Gambling – first offence Six months imprisonment, Rs 500 fine Rs 50,000 fine
Gambling-second offence One year imprisonment, Rs 1000 fine Rs 1 lakh fine
Gambling – third offence One year imprisonment, Rs 2000 fine Rs 5 lakh fine

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