Smartphones are bombs destroying students’ lives, says MP’s education minister

Bhopal: “Android phone is a modern form of atom bomb that destroys the life of a student,” said state higher education minister Jaibhan Singh Pawaiya, on Monday, while speaking at the inauguration of a 100-bed boys’ hall at the Institute of Excellence in Higher Education.

Ironically, it is the higher education department itself that distributes smartphones among meritorious students at the beginning of every new academic session.

Expressing his disappointment at the rampant use of social media among youngsters, Pawaiya said that students must use mobile phones more efficiently. “Social media has made youngsters anti-social as it diverts their attention, focus and energy towards useless matters. Students must be told about the judicious use of mobile phones and social media by their teachers and parents.”

Need for research

Describing the role of research in higher education department, Pawaiya said, “Higher education institute is useless without any research taking place in them. Earlier, the rich and influential could get research degrees in exchange of money, but now the situation has changed. People who use ‘doctor’ as a title to their names (for their doctorate degrees) will have to play a pivotal role in the society’s overall development.”

A lesson on culture

He also said that cultural education should be part of our system and that students should be taught about various traditions of the great Indian culture. “No country can become great without its citizens knowing their cultural history. Everything that exists in the past is not all bad,” said Pawaiya.

Pawaiya & his contentious comments

Pawaiya’s comments have often landed him in many controversies. Urging people to plant more peepal and banyan trees ‘because Lord Krishna resides under them’, or expressing his happiness at being made an accused in the Babri mosque demolition case, “as it will be like going to heaven, if the court sends him to jail with another senior leader”. He is known for making runaway statements at inappropriate times. At an event at Atal varsity, he sparked a major row with his comment on cakes. They being made of ‘toilet and excretory waste’ and children should not be allowed to cut one on their birthdays!