Sikh man’s video waking up Muslim neighbours for Sehri goes viral in Jammu and Kashmir

New Delhi: A short video clip has gone viral in which an unidentified elderly Sikh man can be seen beating drums in order to wake up his neighbours for Sehri — pre-dawn Ramzan meal.

It seems as though he has taken the responsibility of waking up his Muslim neighbours in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama district for Sehri. The 21-second video clip is being widely shared on various social media platforms here.

“Allah Rasool de pyaaro, jannat de talabgaro, utho roza rakho (The beloved of Allah and his messenger, the seekers of paradise, wake up to start your fast),” the unidentified Sikh man shouts. Many netizens lauded the Sikh man, saying he embodied the communal harmony that has existed in Kashmir for centuries.

‘Seharkhwaan’ is the term used for the drum beaters who go around a locality to wake up its residents for the pre-dawn meal before start of dawn-to-dusk fast during Ramzan.

This task is normally taken up by one of the Muslims from the locality but members from minority community doing it is rare but not new.

(With inputs for PTI)