Shocker: One in ten voters in Jaipur is a phantom

Jaipur: A Demographic Similar Entry (DEC) survey, got conducted by the Rajasthan Chief Electoral Officer, has come out with shocking results. It has been revealed that one of every ten voters in the Jaipur district is fake. The number of fake voters in the 19 assembly constituencies in the district is 1.12 lakh – enough to constitute a separate constituency.

Rajasthan is to go to polls two months from now. The survey was conducted after complaints by political parties that the voters’ lists were riddled with fake voters.

Special software

A special software provided by the Election Commission of India was used to scan the voters’ lists. The software looked for multiple entries, dead, shifted and migrated voters. It also matched photos to detect duplication.

An alarmed administration has now decided to deploy Booth Level Officers (BLOs) for a door-to-door survey.


Meanwhile, political parties are surprised over the huge number of fake voters. “How is this possible when they conduct revision of electoral rolls every six months? This smacks of a conspiracy,” a Congress leader said.

The BLOs, on the other hand, argue that the people are to blame for the problem as they do not get the names of their family members who have died or have moved out of the city deleted.