Shivpuri farmer prostrates before dist collector for getting power connection

Shivpuri: Despite a new government coming into place claiming to be sympathetic towards farmers’ issues, woes of the crop growers continue in Madhya Pradesh. A video showing a farmer prostrating before the Shivpuri district collector to get his demand of setting up a power transformer in his agriculture field has gone viral on social media.

The incident happened on Friday, but the video went viral on Sunday, pushing officials in the district on the backfoot.

Officials give explanation

On Sunday, a video clipping of the hassled farmer bent before the collector and her security guard went viral on the social media. The general manager of the power supply company RK Agrawal said that according to records available, a five horse-power pump connection was given to the farmer Ajit Jatav on Sunday. The farmer had made the payment for the connection on August 14, 2018, the officer conceded. The collector P Anugraha went on leave on Friday evening as the charge is with additional district magistrate Ashok Chavan.

What was the incident?

According to available information, farmer Ajit Jatav from Rannod area, had completed all formalities and made full payment for the transformer and power connection in the month of August itself, but despite several requests, the transformer and connection was not provided to him.

The farmer came to the district collectorate on Friday and was waiting to meet the newly appointed collector P Anugraha for several hours to register a complaint, but could not meet her. When the collector came out during the lunch hour, Jatav first tried to prostrate before her and then her security guard in a bid to emphasise the urgency of his requirement.

However, the collector reportedly heard out the farmer only for a few minutes and drove away after giving him customary assurance.