Sexual harassment accused director Vikal Bhal resumes work on ‘Super 30’

Mumbai: Vikas Bahl has resumed work recently after he was accused of sexual harassment by one of his colleagues. His partners had decided to dissolve the production house, Phantom Films, citing a reason that they failed to take any action against him.

Soon after this, the big debate started on whether Vikas will be involved in his upcoming project Super 30 or not. There were many reports claiming that the makers are planning to keep him away from the promotions or may not involve him in rest of the process of the film making and so on. But the fact is that the director has started working on the film once again.

“Vikas has been following his routine and has been doing his regular chores. He has never gone under hiding in spite of being accused by Kangana Ranaut and one her more actress from his film Queen. He was spotted spending time out with his friends. Now, this week he has also resumed post production work on Super 30 as the film is set to release in January and the team needs to finish work by December. However, it would be interesting to see what stand the makers now decide to take, as he is under a contract he cannot actually be deprived of credit of his work,” says a source.

Meanwhile, it would also be interesting to know Hrithik Roshan’s take as he features in the film and had stated that it would not be possible for him to work with such a person and had asked the makers to take a harsh stand after checking the facts against Vikas.