Sehwag at Sachin’s feet, portrays himself as Lord Hanuman

New Delhi: The Virender Sehwag-Sachin Tendulkar combination has continued to entertain fans with their off field humor. The duo is known to share a lovable bond, and Virender Sehwag’s latest Instagram post reveals just how much Sachin means to him.

Sehwag shared a photo on Instagram on Saturday, where we can see him posing at Sachin’s feet with a large hammer-like object. He wrote, “When with God ji, good to be at his feet” using the hashtags #hammernahigadahai#ramjihanumanji.

What makes the photo interesting is that it resembles the picture of Lord Hanuman alongside Lord Ram from the epic of Ramayana. Portraying himself as Hanuman, holding the ‘Gada’ in his hands, Sehwag dedicated the picture to Sachin referring his as “God ji”. Sachin is popularly known as the ‘GOD of cricket’ due to his loyal service to the Gentleman’s game.

The post which displays the warmth shared between the two cricketers, has been melting hearts of cricket fans and the entire country alike.