Seeking ‘freedom’, techie’s wife administers slow poison to father-in-law

Indore: The Indore district court, on Wednesday, denied bail to a woman accused of trying to murder her father-in-law by administering a slow poison to him. The woman’s mother and sister, who too are accused in the case, were also refused bail.

Amit Shrivastava of Goyal Nagar here had married Bhavna of Jabalpur in 2010. It was a love marriage. Amit’s parents lived with the couple. In 2011, Amit’s mother passed away.

Blood test

Bhavna was unhappy that her father-in-law Vinodkumar Shrivastava, 67 was living with them. She felt that Vinodkumar was coming in the way of her husband and her living freely. And so, she decided to get rid of him. She got hold of a tablet, which, one of her friends guaranteed, would kill her father-in-law within a month. Bhavna started administering the table to Vinodkumar every day, by mixing it with his meals. Vinodkumar was soon taken ill and was taken to a doctor by his son. A blood test revealed the presence of a poisonous chemical in his body.

‘Budda ab kuch hi dinon ka mehman hai’

A suspicious Amit then secretly turned on the recording function in his wife’s phone. In one of the recordings, Bhavna could be heard telling her mother that “Budda ab kuch hi dinon ka mehman hai” (The old man won’t last long).

Amit then lodged a report with the police and Bhavna, her mother Kanti and sister Ritu were booked for attempt to murder. On August 30, the Indore police arrested the three from Jabalpur and presented them in the district court, seeking transit remand. A bail application was concurrently moved by the counsel for the three women. The Jabalpur court granted them interim bail and asked them to appear before the Indore district court.

However, instead of doing that, they moved an anticipatory bail application in the Indore court. ADJ SK Sharma, who heard the plea, turned it down and ordered that they be arrested and sent to jail.

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