Scindia loses footwear, ‘heralds achhe din’ at Mahakal

Ujjain/Bhopal: Jyotiraditya Scindia, chairman of the MP Congress Campaign Committee, visited the famous Mahakal temple at Ujjain before kicking off his ‘Parivartan Yatra’ themed on the slogan ‘Waqt hai badlav ka’ (It is time for change)

However, while Scindia was inside the temple, someone walked away with his shoes. Accompanied by his wife Priyadarshini and son Mahanaryaman, he looked for the missing footwear for a few minutes before deciding to walk barefoot. His supporters, however, arranged a pair of slippers for him in a jiffy.

A good sign: Astrologer 

Anand Shankar Vyas, a local astrologer, told Scindia that footwear being stolen from the temple was a good  omen. “Bura waqt chala gaya”, he told Scindia.

Addressing the gathering before the Yatra, he said that the party was working on its election manifesto which would be ready in two months. “Winnability will be the main criterion for deciding candidates. A screening committee is already on the job. I will contest elections only if the party instructs me to do so. We are searching for candidates who will win. There is no factionalism in the Congress.”