School bus gets trapped in swirling waters; terrified kids climb onto the roof

Jaipur: The state witnessed torrential rains on Thursday with Dausa recording 101 mm rain in just six hours. The railway underpass near Lalsaut got flooded with water. However, the driver of the bus of a private school drove the vehicle into the swirling waters. The bus got stuck in between, with water all around and the engine dead. The around 40 kids in the school bus started screaming at the top of their voice. Somehow, all of them clambered onto the roof of the bus.

Locals come to rescue

Hearing their shrieks, the villagers living around reached the spot. Ropes were brought in and the bus was dragged to some distance using tractors. Then, the kids were rescued one by one.

The villagers brought them down and seated them on their shoulders. Then, they waded through the water to reach them to safety.

Driver booked

The bus belonged to RS International School, Doogarpur. Children studying in grades one to eight were travelling in the bus.

The police later arrested the driver Bharatlal Meena for ‘endangering human life by acting rashly or negligently.’ He was released on bail.