Sanjay Manjrekar gets schooled for misspelling Quinton De Kock

New Delhi: Royal Challengers Bangalore and Mumbai Indians had an interesting match on May 1, this IPL season. The match was won by RCB and Quinton De Kock was praised nationwide for his excellent wicket-keeping.

Former Indian cricketer and commentator Sanjay Manjrekar also took to Twitter to express his appreciation, but in the process he did a big goof up and wrongly spelled the name of Quinton De Kock.

The misspelt name gave a whole different meaning to his tweet and in the process Sanjay got trolled bit time. He tweeted:

What followed was a brutal attack from Twitterati, correcting Manjrekar, and asking him to go back to school and learn spellings:

Some trolls got trolled as well!


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